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obr1, an image opens in a new windowPrague 11 represents one of the fifty seven quarters of the Capital of Prague but it is also one of the twenty-two bigger quarters which were in the year 1994 distinguished by numbers. Former our quarter was named Prague – South Town (Jižní Město). It represents the territory of the total area of more than nine square kilometers had consists of two parts „Chodov“ and „Háje“ which are since 1968 part of the Capital of the Czech Republic.

■ Administration of the quarter Prague 11 Belongs to the system of the independent administration and action of the Capital Prague. The position, organizational structure and action are given by the constitutional law of Prague, by the statute of the Capital and other binding legal prescriptions as well as by the resolutions of the organs of the quarter und further internal prescriptions. obr2, an image opens in a new window

■ In the sphere of the independent administration of the quarter Prague 11: fulfils the tasks given by the Council and Board of representatives of the quarter Prague 11 coordinates professionally the organizational components and institutions established by the quarter assists the commissions and committees in their activities and takes part in them. In the sphere of the transfered action on the territory of the quarter Prague 11 and of the quarters Prague-Křeslice, Prague-Újezd and Prague-Šeberov performs the administration which is given by the respective laws and nitices and is subordinate to the municipal authorities.

■ About the development of the territory of Prague 11 The most extensive density of housing on the territory of Prague 11 represents the South Town since 1970 till today. The projects and their realization are still more attractive. In the last years also the face of the former panel-housing (prefabs) is changing. On the territory of the South Town have been former the agricultural and suburban settlements, now combinated with the new housing system. Two medieval villages Chodov and Litochleby have been now united. Letak The village Háje has its origin in an estate, another estate named Solitude Milíčov has disappeared in 18th century. The same fate had the estate Horní Roztyly situated nearer to the north. In the period of the formation of the civil society after the 1848 the so called „ political village“ had its origin in Chodov-Šeberov, which at the beginning of the 20th century became independent. Háje got the independence in 1920-1922 and became the part of the administration of Chodov. The territories of the villages Chodov and Háje have been united with former Prague 4 in 1968. Still with the administration situated in Chodov Since 1971 the housing construction development continues on these territories. In the eighties the administration of Chodov-Nové Město got the basic area of the existing town hall in Ocelíkova Street, which later has been reconstructed and updated, nevertheless the interior shows still the former pavilion forms of the 70th. In the year 1990 originated the quarter Prague- South Town which is called Prague 11 now. It may be compareted with e.g. Hradec Králové, Plzeň or Olomouc, but it is the part of Prague aglomeration. Step by step the quarter has been transformed into the actual shape, the number of the administrative tasks extended and nowadays the administration includes not only the proper Prague 11 but also the services for the citizens of the quarters Prague-Křeslice, Prague-Újezd and Prague-Šeberov.

■ Some figures:

The above sea level of the quarter:
minimum 240 m
maximum 320 m

obr3, an image opens in a new windowDistance from the center of the City: aprox. 8 km According to the Czech board of statistics on 31st december 2006 the district of the quarter Prague 11 had 83 185 permanent inhabitants.



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